laboratory for audience interactive technology (2014 - present)

     I serve as the architect and lead developer for a software platform designed to assist in rapidly developing content and interactions for synchronized presentation on audience's smart devices at a live event. The LAIT platform is a reusable, ‘open container’ running on a simple server-client architecture that provides dynamic broadcasting functionality and enables interactions with patrons. The goal of the platform is to provide a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for producers wishing to incorporate an audience’s smart devices into their live events.

     More information about the project can be found on the LAIT website and a paper published in the proceedings from ISEA2015: International Symposium on Electronic Art is available here.

kama begata nihilum (2014)

     This event represents the initial foray into mobile devices as a platform for creative coding that led to the formation of LAIT as well as serving as a prime example of the platform's potential. For this event, two separate applications were developed: one to make use of tablets held by dancers and another leveraging the audience's own mobile devices.
    Kama had seven dancers all of whom carried an iPad. During the execution of the dance, specific content was pushed to each individual dancer's device on queue to support the narrative and action of the piece. The content consisted of solid and flashing colors, text, images and animations that could be executed on demand and smoothly transition from one look to the next.
    Additionally, a mobile app was built to allow the audience members to join in the fun as additional graphics, colors and text were pushed out to their devices on demand during the performance. The mobile app additionally featured some augmented reality content to further enhance the experience.

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