skttr (2013)

     skttr is a software package I developed that allows for the relatively simple capture, recording, playback, transmission and reception of motion data using a Microsoft Kinect camera, a Mac computer, and a network connection.
    The data captured by the Kinect camera is serialized and can be written to a file for playback at a later time. Looping functionality additionally allows someone to move with a recording they previously created or one made by an instructor.
    Alternatively, the data can be sent to a remote destination in the form of network messages using the OSC protocol. In turn, these OSC messages may be cosumed by various software packages such as Max/MSP, Processing, or even a game engine such as Unity. The allows the motion data to be used not only as a record of a series of movements, but also as control data for a limitless variety of visualizations and/or sonifications.
    Additionally, the ability to transmit the motion capture data over a network allows for collaboration with remote partners for movement-based works.

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