M. Anthony Reimer

let's pretend we're all wearing sunglasses (2012)

    This work symbolizes our inability to know the truth let alone tell it, and of the state of being in perpetual disguise. The piece is about the disenfranchised and abused around the world, and how we are desensitized to even death and dying. Let's Pretend We're All Wearing Sunglasses confronts the theme of human desensitization through the exploration of varied topical issues including the abuse of women, environmental dilemmas, and legalized dog fighting.    --Brian Carey Chung, choreographer

water (2012)

    water is a concert work loosely based on one movement of a larger, Let's Pretend We're All Wearing Sunglasses, composed for the NYC dance company Collective Body Dance Lab in the spring of 2012. In turn, the movement from ...Sunglasses was inspired by an earlier electro-acoustic work from 2009 entitled Turning the Tide. For me, the addition of the simple rhythmical elements to the earlier material has provided a very interesting insight into my own work. Mostly motivated by the dancers and the choreographer, the construction of these elements allowed me to perceive my own work through the perceptions of others in a way I had not previously experienced.

    (**water is also available on the 2013 Irritable Hedgehog release "Electronic Music Midwest")

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