M. Anthony Reimer

tug: a space trucker's odyssey (2013)

     Mutiny Games presents TUG, a top-down space actioner that combines the gameplay of the old-school shoot-em-ups (or shmups) with the strategy of tower defense. Pilot your space freighter through hostile territory, picking up pods and stranded civilians. There are no free rides in space, so put those hitchhikers to work, manning your pods, and create a weaponized caravan to blast a path through the throngs of alien attackers. Manage personnel and the length of your pod train in an attempt to escape alien clutches with as few casualties as possible. Fame and fortune await those that prove to be the best TUG pilots.

     As Mutiny's audio director, I wrote and produced all the music and sound effects for the game and additionally wrote all of the audio implementation, including procedural primary weapon sounds for the game.

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