Welcome, so glad you made it...

I'm Tony. On this site, you'll be able to find out more about me. I do a lot of different things. Most of them have something to do with art and technology.

As a young child, my mother encouraged me to appreciate and practice the art of music. Since then, I have always been entranced by sound in general. Consequently, I find myself lost in seemingly endless musical pursuits. Check out some examples of my more current work here.

Also from a young age, my father helped to foster in me an interest in theatre. That interest developed into a passion and a vocation that has been with me my whole life.

As a hobby, I occasionally turn to photography, or other visual pursuits.

Crossing the lines of all of these interests, technology has always fascinated me. Intrigued by gadgets as a child, my interest turned to computers as an adult and now I write a lot of code to make my music, theatre, and visual work easier to accomplish and hopefully more interesting.

Recent News:

November '17 Normal, IL sound design/composition for voice raised, nothing follows, a concert dance work

September-November '17 Kansas City, KS and elsewhere; performances of concert work The Last Straw

September-October '17 New York, NY and elsewhere; sound design/composition for dance work Erstwhile and Somnambulation

September '17 New York, NY sound design for Chalk Lines, part of the American Dance Guild 60th Anniversary Festival at the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre

August '17 West Hollywood, CA LAIT consultation for the West Hollywood Dance Festival at the West Hollywood Park Auditorium

June-July '17 Chicago, IL: sound design for Emilie and King Ubu, with Organic Theater Company at the Greenhouse Theatre Center

April-June '17 Chicago, IL: sound design/composition for The Earth Will Not Abide, a video art installation at Gallery 400

April '17 St. Cloud, MN: performance of concert version of Baldwin / Now at SEAMUS 2017

March-April '17 Cairo, Egypt: artist exchange residency in support of mycelial (working title) with Erica Mott and others

March-April '17 Chicago, IL: sound design for world premiere of Phantom Pain with Organic Theater Company at the Greenhouse Theatre Center

February '17 Urbana, IL music direction and arrangements for Bear, a performance art work by Deke Weaver at the Station Theatre

February '17 Urbana, IL LAIT programming for the experimental dance CM2=E at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

October '16 New York, NY and Romeoville, IL performances of concert version of Baldwin / Now

September '16 article in Journal of Dance Education (Dancing with Mobile Devices: The LAIT Application System in Performance and Educational Settings)

June '16 Belfast, Ireland: composer/sound designer/collaborator for world premiere of devised work Tom

June '16 Urbana, IL: composition/sound design for world premiere of a new play by Donald Margulies, Long Lost, directed by Dan Sullivan

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