demo reels

audio production

A selection (3:49) from three recently produced radio plays done during Covid. More details in the video itself.
(For further examples, I would point you to the music/audio work page which has examples of my electro-acoustic compositions where designed sounds serve as the "instruments" for the works. Additionally, the collages on the theatre work page contain examples of audio production work.)

music composition

An audio track (2:51) containing short musical clips of original compositions and/or arrangements chosen for the purposes of demonstrating that I am confident working in a wide variety of musical styles.
(I would again point you to the music/audio work and theatre work pages which also contain more extended examples of my composition work.)

game audio

This vid (1:39) contains short clips from five games. Three older games for which I did all of the music, sound and custom implementation inside of the Unity game engine are bookended by two clips with replaced audio from more recent games displaying more modern aesthetics, etc.
(Check out my music/audio work and theatre work pages for further examples of related work.)

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